ZigZag 2D & 3D – Complete & Free Unity Game Template With Source Code

Zigzag 2d & 3d complete unity template free

Zigzag 2D And 3D is a publish ready free unity game template which is compatible for mobile platforms as well as webgl or all platforms. It Contains 2D Zigzag and 3D Zigzag Games in one app. It is simple casual game which is endless runner type game. We used unity 3d game engine to develop the game and C# as a programming language.

All asset used in this project is free.

Zigzag 2d & 3d complete unity template free
ZigZag Game Endless Free Unity Game Template With Admob IntegratedScreenshot
Zigzag 2d & 3d complete unity template free
ZigZag Endless Free Unity Game Template Screenshot
ZigZag Free Unity Game Template Screenshot

ZigZag 2D & 3D - Features

Password: bahartechnology.com

How To Open This Project With Unity

First install the latest version of unity from unity hub or from this link directly https://unity3d.com/unity/qa/lts-releases

Then open unity hub and click on “Add Project”.


Now browse to your local hard drive and select the project you downloaded then press on “Select Folder”.

Browse and Select Project To Unity Hub

Change unity version to available unity installs on your system, then open project.

Change Admob Details

Select “AdmobManager” gameobject on the hierarchy panel and Focus on “AdmobManager” Script on the Inspector and replace “interstitialId” field with your own Adunit Id that you created from your admob account dashboard.

Select Admob Manager In Hierarchy - Unity
Change Interstitial Admob Adunit ID with your own

Next, change your default Admob  App Id with your  own Admob App ID and resolve dependencies.

Change Admob App And Resolve

Before resolving android or iOS dependencies, change app name, icon, company name, package name and select all Target Architectures [armv7, arm64, x86 (chrome os) x86_x64(chrome os)].

Set Package Name Unity Build

Now resolve android or iOS dependencies from assets > External Dependency Manager > Android Resolver > Force Resolve.

Resolve Android Dependencies Unity Admob

Now, Go To “Edit > Project Settings > Publishing Settings” and add your keystore or create new one from Keystore Manager, Then Check Build App Bundle (Google Play) in Build Settings, if you are building for android.

Finally Build App And Publish To Playstore and Start Earning Money!

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